Completing your business page allows Scouts to see what your business is all about and gives you room to showcase your skills or certifications received.

To update or complete your business page, go to the menu on the right hand side and click my business details.

There are seven different tabs to go through to update your business page: General, Media, Business Hours, Links, Policies & Payments, Featured, and Certifications.

The “General” tab is home to basic information like your business name, store’s open date, bio, business characteristics, address and phone number.

Your logo, cover images, videos and gallery images are found in the “Media” tab.

Let Scouts know when you’re open by configuring your Business Hours. Click the dropdown under “Business Hours” to change them as needed. All you have to do is click the days of the week that you are open, adjust the time to fit your schedule and hit the “Add Available Hours” button.

Links shows the Scout where you are located all over the web so that they can stay connected through their favorite platforms.

“Policies & Payments” tab gives you a space to tell the Scouts how you run your business, what forms of payment are accepted and how returns and exchanges are done.

The “Featured” and “Certifications” tabs are both ways to show off who you are as a business. In “Featured” you get to let everyone know the most interesting or best quality items you have live (or sold) on Scout Alley. There’s also a spot to highlight great Events, as well! “Certifications” gives you a place to tell Scouts about your education, licenses, special groups, or unions that make you the best fit to help them find what they’re looking for in a business. Go ahead and put your Auctioneer ID in there or that you’re in an appraisal association!

When you complete your business page, you can go back to the “General” tab and click the link under the business name to see how Scout’s view your page. If you want to make changes, you can exit the preview and go back to business details to edit what you need.

For more individualized help with your business page, check out these articles, here.

Don’t forget to save your information using the status bar at the bottom!