The Reporting Feature can be found after clicking “My Account” on the menu that’s located on the right side of the page. That button will take you to your profile.

The menu on the left shows the different working parts to your business and it is where you will find a tab that says “Reporting”. There are many different reports that show you how well your business is doing on Scout Alley. You can also compare yourself against other businesses by looking at the Rankings Report. Which shows where you are in terms of Views, Favorites, Sales, Total Listings, and Inquiries.

The Listing Report is available to all plans, but if you would like more key information for your business you should upgrade to Big Leagues or All Star.

With Big Leagues, you can see the Listing, Listing Sold, Gross Margin, Inventory Turnover, Views, and Favorites Report.

With All Star, you can see all of those reports along with: Ranking, Trends, and a Custom Business Analysis Report.