To add a video to your business page, click “My Business Details” in the drop down menu that is located on the top right hand side of the page. That will bring you to your business page where you can edit information as needed.

From this page, click the tab labeled “Media” and there will be headers that are labeled “Logo Image”, “Cover Images”, “Videos”’ and “Gallery Images”.

Under the “Video” header, click “Add Video” and you will be able to add a link from YouTube or Vimeo.

To have these videos shown on your business page, you should use the URL or share link in this box. You are allowed up to three videos on your page so choose carefully!  

If you would like to see what your business page looks like for Scouts, click the tab labeled “General” and beneath “Business Name” there is a link to preview your page. If you would like to continue editing your page, just exit the preview and edit as needed.

Don’t forget to hit the “Save” button located in the status bar!