To create an event, go to the drop-down menu on the right-hand side and click the option that says, “My Events”. That is where all events are created, and current drafts of events live.

When you reach this page, you will see a blue button that says, “Create Event”. Click this button and make sure to fill out all fields to create an event.

Events can either be set for In-Person or Online by clicking the dropdown labeled “Event Type”. The In-Person Event allows you to lead Scouts to your facilities, or the location of the event, and participate. The Online Auction basically means that you are having an auction on another website and you want to promote it on Scout Alley.

If you are having an online auction on another platform: your official page, Facebook, HiBid, or others, you can paste it in the first field under Event Website.

The second field under Event Website is used just for the Online Catalog. To showcase all the items available during the event, put the link to the catalog here.

After the links are in, just add photos and you’re good to go!

The Status Bar at the bottom can be used to:

  • Move back to the list of previous events you’ve created
  • Move forward to the next page in creating the event by clicking “Next: Add Photos”,
  • “Save as Draft”, so you can come back later and edit as needed
  •  “Save and Publish” which allows Scouts to see, save, and share the event

Once saved, you will be redirected to the event edit page where you can see the “Event ID” listed under the Event Name.

Click the “Event ID” to view what the Scouts will see when they click on your event. If you wish to change something, you can exit out of the preview and make changes on this edit page.

Don’t forget to save your changes in the status bar!