Haggle Channel is a direct line of communication from Scouts to Businesses. This is where Scouts can ask you questions, haggle on a listing price, look at appointments created, or chat about an event you may have posted.

To view the Haggle Channel, go to the menu icon on the right hand side of the page and click “Haggle Channel”. There you can view and received or sent messages.

When a Scout asks a question on a listing, event, or about your business in general, you will get a haggle channel message. There you can have a conversation and gain an understanding of what they want or their needs.

When the Appointment Scheduler is used, a record is created in Haggle Channel. All requests, confirmations, and declinations are found there in addition to the Calendar.

As a business, you can also use Haggle Channel like a Scout would. To send messages, you can do a few different things: go to the listing that you would like to ask about and click “Ask A Question”, go to their business page and click “Contact Business” or head over an event they are having and click “Contact Business” to send a note. To view these messages, sent and received, as a Scout you should go to your profile and click the button that says, “Haggle Channel”. Then click the dropdown that says, “View messages for” and click Scout. That’s where all of those messages live!