From the Scout Alley homepage, go to the drop down menu on the top right hand side and click the button that says “My Listings”. This is where all of your listings, drafted and published, live.

Click the button that says, “Create Listing” to fill out form.

The Price field is where you should put how much you’d want for the item. If you allow haggling on your items, you may not get the price you set for your item.

Cost indicates how much you paid for the item. It won’t be shared with Scouts, but we highly recommend that you use field. It fuels your reports to be able to calculate Gross Margin and Inventory Turnover which could help you make better business decisions.

The Categories and Tags is the first place to determine where Scouts will find your item. Select a category and subcategory so that when Scouts filter their search, they can find your item. Many like to filter their search, and this section helps your item be found.

Add a “Quick Description” which shows a snippet of information about the item. When the user asks for more details, they will be directed to the “Detailed Description” so be sure to add that too!

The Attributes section is where you can add a SKU or item number if there is one, let the Scouts know if you’re willing to haggle, and communicate shipping information.

Add the link, or where your item can be found, and you’re almost done!

Click “Add Photos” on the Status Bar and you’ll be able to add up to six images that best showcase your item.

When you are finished adding your photos, click “Continue & Preview” so you can edit as you need to. If you would like to see the listing how Scouts browsing Scout Alley do, click the link under the “Name” field.

Click “Save and Request Approval” and our team will be notified. We work quickly to review listings and make sure they follow our listing agreement, here, before approving them.