Haggle Channel™ is our exclusive messaging system designed to connect Scouts and Shop Owners. Here  you can ask Shop Owners questions about their listings or the shop, haggle with Shop Owners on a listing price, or just let the Shop Owner know you want to buy something they have listed.


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How do I contact a shop?

How do I buy something?


In Haggle Channel™, you have your own inbox where you will receive all incoming messages. The message type is shown by icons to the right (hover over any icon and for an explanation on its meaning). New messages are bolded, and old messages are highlighted so you don’t miss anything. Flag any messages you want to keep an eye on, and find them in your ‘Flagged’ folder.


Click on a message, and a message box will pop up. Here, you can hit reply to respond to the message, or select a few other actions such as archive, mark as unread, etc.


Once you hit SEND, a copy of your message will show up in your ‘Sent’ folder. Now all you have to do is wait for a response. Don’t forget to set up how you’d like to receive email notifications about Haggle Channel™ messages – either immediately when received, a daily recap, or none at all. Check out the How do I update my account? FAQ for more information on updating your notifications.