1. Log into your Shopify account.
  2. Click “Apps”
  3. Click “Manage private apps” near the bottom of the page
  4. Click “Create a new private app”
  5. On the create page:
    • a. Description: Scout Alley or Scout Alley Sync
    • b. Products, variants, and collections: “Read access” or “Read and write”
    • c. Click Save
  6. After it has been saved, you see the new “Scout Alley” record. These fields are needed:
      a. API key
    • b. Password
    • c. Shared Secret
  7. Log into Scout Alley™ 
  8. Go to My Account 
  9. Go to Advanced on left menu 
  10. Go to Store Sync 
  11. Click Create Store Sync button 
  12. Select Shopify from “Marketplace / Inventory System”
  13. Plug the values from #6 into their respective fields.