Ok, so you found it: the perfect find. Now…how do you get it?
On Scout Alley™, we allow Scouts to do business with shops just as they would if they had walked in their store off of Main Street. On the listing page, click on ‘Get It.’ Here, you’ll see how the shop will process the sale. Most of the time, your options will be:
Want to Make An Offer?
Look for listings with the ‘Willing To Haggle’ icon. [insert image]
Click on ‘Get It,’ and you’ll see the ‘Make An Offer’ section. Enter the price you’d like to offer the shop owner, and click ‘LET’S HAGGLE.’
Now, you can check for a response in Haggle Channel™ from the shop. There, you’ll haggle back and forth until you come to an agreed upon price, and from there, you can negotiate shipping or pick-up arrangements.
Buy ‘Now’
Click on ‘Get It’ on the listing page, and you’ll see a link to where the shop is selling the item online. We let shops sell their items using whatever online service they choose, which sometimes means items listed for purchase on Scout Alley™ will actually be purchased on their own official website, or eBay.
Click the link, and you’ll be taken to the website hosting the item. Please know, once you leave Scout Alley™, you’ll have to follow the rules of the new website, which means you may have to sign up for a separate account or provide payment information on that site.
Visit Shop
Click on ‘Get It’ and you’ll see the ‘Visit In-Store’ section. This means that this shop owner will sell the listing in person. You’ll have to go to their shop in person to see and buy the item.