While a great title catches someone’s attention, the photography is what sells the product. You’ll want to make sure you have high-quality photos that show off the product and highlight noteworthy features, even if that means the dents and dings.
What you will need for AWESOME product photography:
  1. Camera: You don’t need a state of the art, expensive camera – but we do recommend a digital device you feel comfortable with.
  2. Tripod: No matter how steady your hands are, you will shake a bit. A tripod can help avoid those blurry images that deter viewers from bidding.
  3. Clean, Complimentary Background:  A seamless white background is preferred, but it won’t always work for the product you have. If white won’t work, pick a solid, clean, and plain background that will complement your product – gray and black work well for lighter products.
  4. Lighting: You should always use lighting and not your camera’s flash, which can cause ‘hot spots.’ If you don’t have photographer’s lights, you can always use a plain old desk lamp. We recommend a 15 watt daylight bulb, aimed at a 45 degree angle – close up, but not in the shot.
Things To Do
  • Use a plain background that will complement your product (preferably white, when able).
  • Maximize the product in the shot – close-ups are great!
  • Make sure the best image is the first one.
  • If you are listing a working electronic, take an image showing the unit powered on
  • Clean or dust your product – put its best foot forward.
  • Use a tripod or other stationary device to avoid blurry images.
  • If photos are being taken outside, make sure the sun is BEHIND the camera – overcast days produce the best photos outside!
Things To Avoid
  • Using busy backgrounds that compete with your product.
  • Reflections of you, or your background.
  • Bad lighting that makes the product hard to see.
  • Using accessories in the shot – let your product shine.
  • Using text in background or as an overlay.
  • Don’t overexpose your image - it will look washed out and not represent your product in its best light.