Your title will be the first thing that a Scout reads. It is CRUCIAL to make sure it catches their attention.
Be sure to include information that a Scout would be interested in knowing about your product; be sure to include basic information like color, size, year and model, as well as what makes it special. 
Don’t go too crazy -  you can explain more in your item description!
Things to Include
  • Brand name/model number or name
  • Age of item or year of production
  • Weight of item (if relevant)
  • Any accessories
Things to Exclude
  • Retail or list prices
  • Limit abbreviations
  • Exclamation points or special characters, unless part of the Brand Name or Model Number
Quick Hints for a GREAT Title
  • Think about how a shopper would be searching for your product. Would they be looking for a year of production or type of product? Do they care about the size or of the product? Then include it in the title.
  • Do a quick Google search on your product. What does Google auto-finish your search with? Those are GREAT terms to include in your title to improve SEO value (what search engines use to ‘find’ your product).
  • Only include the MOST important information in the title. The rest can be included in the description.
  • By law, you cannot use “Antique” as a description unless your product is at least 100 years old. And “Vintage” cannot be used to describe your product until your product is at least 20 years old.
  • ALWAYS check your spelling!